Contact details

Reservations can be collected 24/7 after a telephone contact.How to get to the facility The keys are at the reception at: 29 Garncarska, 80-894, Gdańsk. The reception is open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00. On Saturdays from 15:00. to apx 18:00 depend on arrivals . Late arrivals can pick up the keys from the lockers. Instructions with the code will be sent in advance. You can order a paid transfer. The driver will enter you to the apartment.

Owner details

  • Company name:Grand-Touirst Kossakowski, Sidorczak Spółka Jawna
  • Street:Garncarska 29
  • Address:80-894, Gdańsk, Poland
  • Tax number:9570801003

Our locations

K2000 Heweliusza 10/1180-172 GdańskPoland
K1179Rajska 4c /280-000 GdańskPoland
K2001Podbielańska 1880-894 GdańskPoland
K2003Korzenna 1B80-894 GdańskPoland
K2011Minogi 1A/480-840 GdańskPoland
K2016Szeroka 66/6480-835 GdańskPoland
K2020Złotników 9/1280-834 GdańskPoland
K2084 Św. Ducha 31/3580-834 GdańskPoland
K2124Rajska 4A80-000 GdańskPoland
K2132Piwna 5280-894 GdańskPoland
K2133Warzywnicza 1080-355 GdańskPoland
K2146Złotników 25/2780-899 GdańskPoland
K2166Mariacka 44/4580-894 GdańskPoland
K2173Piwna 48/49 80-894 GdańskPoland
K2182Św. Ducha 59/6180-894 GdańskPoland
k2184Rajska 12 C80-894 GdańskPoland
K2185Mariacka 16/1780-894 GdańskPoland
K2188Rajska 1/5 B80-894 GdańskPoland
K2189Na Piaskach 680-894 GdańskPoland
K2193Rajska14B80-894 GdańskPoland
K2202 Szeroka 18/1980-894 GdańskPoland
K2289Św. Ducha 44/4680-894 GdańskPoland
K2167Stolarska 6B80-894 GdańskPoland
K2007 Topaz Panieńska 380-894 GdańskPoland
K2008 Rajska 4B80-894 GdańskPoland
K2014Szeroka 1780-894 GdańskPoland
K2100Chłopska 10 C/580-399 GdańskPoland


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